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Radon is scary.  It is an odorless gas and can cause lung cancer and you have no idea you are being exposed.  It is highly prevalent in Nebraska and the surrounding area. Lung cancer caused by exposure to radon shows up MANY years after the exposure.  It can be present in both older homes and those that are newly constructed.  The likelihood that a home has elevated levels of radon cannot be gauged by the levels in the house next door.  It is entirely dependent upon the material on which a home is constructed and how it is constructed.  Smokers exposed to radon have a 6-7 times higher chance of developing radon induced lung cancer than non-smokers.

Having your home tested for radon will provide either piece of mind that radon levels in your home are at or below the level deemed acceptable by the EPA, or a test will provide you with actionable information so you can take steps to reduce and / or eliminate your exposure.

Many factors affect the level of radon gas that may make its way into your home and there are reasonable steps you can take to reduce this.  The first step is finding out if there are concerning levels of radon exposure in your home.

Leigh serves as the Nebraska Certified Radon Measurement Specialist for CDS Inspections & Beyond.  Our firm is also a licensed Radon Measurement Business through the State of Nebraska.

CDS utilizes one of the most sensitive continuous radon monitors in the entire state, the RadStar RS800.  After 12 hours of “closed house conditions,” Leigh can set up the monitor and have results available 48 hours later.  The device also measures other factors that influence your home’s radon level.

Contact our office and schedule a radon test for your home.  Information is the key to eliminating or reducing your family’s exposure to this environmental health risk.

For more information, you can also contact your state and local health departments & the Environmental Protection Agency.