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Our Credentials

•    NE Asbestos Inspector | License ID: Randy – 1127

•    NE Asbestos Management Planner / Inspector | License ID: Leigh – 906

•    NE Certified Radon Measurement Specialist | License ID: Leigh  – 373

•    AARST / National Radon Proficiency Program Radon Measurement Professional with Multi-Family Buildings Advanced Certification | License ID: Leigh – RT-108855

•    NE Certified Radon Measurement Business | License ID: RMB – 1195

•    NE Lead Inspector & Risk Assessor | License ID: Randy – 60 & Leigh – 77

•    Lead Business Entity | License ID: BEC-023

•    Home Inspector Certification through InterNACHI

•    Mold Inspector Certification through InterNACHI

•    Certified Housing Quality Standards Inspectors

•    EPA Certified Renovation, Repair & Painting Lead Training Firm / Initial Class (English) | Certification #NAT-RV-I-48437-4-EN

•    EPA Certified Renovation, Repair & Painting Lead Training Firm / Refresher Class (English) | Certification #NAT-RV-R-48437-4-EN

•    Radioactive Material License #40-01-01 for X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer (XRF or “Lead Gun”)

•    CDBG Certified Grant Administrators

If you really read the above list and paid attention to the detail, you may have noticed that Randy is a Nebraska Certified Asbestos Inspector and Leigh is a Nebraska Certified Asbestos Inspector / Management Planner.  The difference between the two is that Leigh also can work with schools to make sure kids, staff and other outside workers are not unexpectedly exposed to harmful asbestos fibers simply during the course of seeking or providing an education or working on a school.  (The work in schools requires paperwork Randy does not want to do so this duty falls to Leigh!)