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Thermal Imaging & Energy Savings

You may be asking yourself “How can thermal imaging benefit me?”  Believe it or not, thermal imaging has significant, practical applications for home inspections.  The infrared technology uses temperature differences between inside and outside air to help your home inspector find the source of drafts and /or air leaks that make your home uncomfortable.  These air leaks are also increasing your utility bills.

How many times did you hear “close the door!” when you were growing up? Leigh’s father always added “we’re not cooling the outside!”  (She grew up in the south so air-conditioning was a precious thing most of the year.)

What Leigh’s father was saying is that open spaces let conditioned air out and this is usually air that someone has paid to heat or cool.  As an adult, you can certainly identify with this.  Heating and cooling our homes is expensive and every air leak adds to that cost.  The problem is that without specialized equipment we often cannot find the source of the air leaks or the cause of the temperature differences we feel in our homes.

CDS Inspections & Beyond uses Thermal Imaging and Blower Door Technology to solve this problem.  The Blower Door is used to create an artificial draft and pull air from the outside in to your home.  We then use our Fluke Thermal Imaging camera to “see” the difference in the air temperature and work to pinpoint the source of the energy loss. We can then offer suggestions to eliminate these problems, such as sealing identified gaps or adding insulation in areas that show greater air infiltration.

Give us a call and let us help you reduce your energy bills!

thermal image
The "blue-purple" areas in the picture below shows where cooler outside is penetrating to the interior of the home.