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Home Inspections: Pre-Purchase or Whole House

Are you checking out this information because you are considering buying a home?  If so, this is a smart move.  A home is a HUGE investment and you really need to have someone “check under the hood” so to speak to let you know what type of major or minor expenses you may be facing in the near future.  Also, wouldn’t it be nice to know of some simple steps you can take to prevent certain problems from even occurring?  Or what about some do-it-yourself items that will definitely keep money in your pocket by reducing your energy bills?

All these are areas in which CDS Inspections & Beyond can assist you.  Now, not every home repair can be predicted or identified as highly potential just because you have a non-invasive home inspection performed.  However, MANY home repair and maintenance needs can be recognized by someone with experience inspecting homes and seeing the many issues that can arise as a result of, among other things, poor maintenance, age, exposure to moisture or just simple misfortune (such as damage caused by termites or even Mother Nature).

Whole House

Maybe you aren’t looking to buy a home, but want someone to do basically a “physical check-up” on your home, just like what you may have done at the doctor.  This “physical” is essentially the same thing as a pre-purchase inspection, except you have some knowledge about existing aches and pains your home may be experiencing.  Let us help you identify areas that may need immediate attention versus those that you should plan to remedy in the not-too-distant future.  We can also give you energy-saving tips.  For more information on services related to energy-savings, check out this link on our site:  Thermal Energy Services to Identify Air & Heat Loss

Whatever your reason for requesting a home inspection, identifying a concern before it gets bigger is always cheaper in the long run, and it may help you avoid what may have been a money pit.

Contact CDS for your home inspection and we commit to inspecting your home or prospective home as though we have a personal investment in it ourselves.  And if we perform your home inspection, we are personally invested because you are our customer and our reputation says everything about who we are as people. 

Most of our customers learn of us through word-of-mouth.  Happy customers are our best referral source and if you are pleased with the services you receive from us, please pass our contact information along.